Northern Honeys

Our Northern honey comes from eastern Massachusetts, our home. With such an abundance of floral sources we are able to offer our customers a wildflower honey that is very floral and complex in taste. We also harvest a limited crop of monofloral honeys: Clethra, Black Locust, Japanese Knotweed, and Basswood. Each honey has a unique flavor profile.
Our honeys are raw, local, unfiltered and Kosher Parve and Kosher for Passover certified.

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Every batch represents the season's harvest and what transpired in Massachusetts during the year.
The honey is comprised of nectar from Buckthorn, Black Locust, Purple Loosestrife, Goldenrod, Linden, Japanese Knotweed, Basswood, and many, many other wildflowers.
The end result is an amber honey with a complex, rich, buttery, and floral taste; a season's cycle in every spoonful.

Wildflower Honey, 1-lb jar: $12.00
Wildflower Honey, 5-lb jar: $48.00

Wildflower Honey:


All unfiltered honey contains trace amounts of pollen. Our infused honey is our MA wildflower infused with extra fresh pollen and propolis collected from our hives. The result is a delicious nutty tasting honey. We recommend it to allergy suffers, or someone looking for an extra energy boost.

Pollen and Propolis Infused Honey, 8oz jar: $11.00
Pollen and Propolis Infused Honey, 16oz jar: $20.00

Infused Honey:

CLETHRA (Clethra alnifolia):

This shrub is found blooming in the wetlands of eastern Massachusetts during early August. Its strong, spicy-sweet scent is a powerful attractant to honey bees and many other pollinators. Clethra honey has a peppery, licorice taste. A truly rare treat, we recommend you enjoy this honey by itself, or paired with your favorite cheeses.

Clethra Honey, 9oz jar: $12.00

Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia japonica):

These towering bamboo like plants are a rich source of late season honey. The honey our bees gather from these plants is dark, robust, with an earthy, nutty, sweetness that stands well on its own, pair well with cheeses, breads, and add a real signature to a dish.

Japanese Knotweed Honey, 9oz jar: $12.00

Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia)

The Black Locust tree , with long hanging clusters of white fragrant flowers, brilliantly decorate the landscape, and welcome our bees to a new season. Black Locust honey is light on the palate, with a sweet zing. This delicate honey is an excellent pairing for fruit, deserts, or by itself.


BASSWOOD: (Tilia americana)

The majestic Basswood tree begins to cast out thousands of cream colored blossoms in late June. Basswood honey has a distinctive biting flavor with a minty lasting finish that goes well with teas, salad dressings, and many recipes.

Basswood Honey, 9oz jar: $12.00

Comb Honey:

Boston Honey Company Comb Honey is harvested from bee colonies with no additional handling outside of cutting it into squares and packaging.

The beeswax is edible and adds texture to the experience. Our comb honey is a seasonal product available while
supply lasts.

Comb Honey, approx. 12oz: $15.00

Pure Bee Pollen:

Boston Honey Company's fresh bee pollen contains vitamins A, C, D, E, and nearly all the B complex vitamins. Fresh Bee pollen is also rich in amino acids, enzymes and contains approximately 40 percent protein. Our bee pollen is soft, and has a slightly sweet nutty taste. This is a result of collecting and storage procedures that preserve the quality.

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